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Oatmeal Date and Pecan Cookies

oatmeal date and pecan cookies 1

You know what the truly wonderful thing about all the baking recipes on this site is? If the recipe is posted it’s because I can make it; if I can make it, so can you. I am not what you would call an artisan baker.

I am a bit of an instinctive cook; something inspires me and I play in the kitchen with some confidence that the flavours will work. Baking doesn’t necessarily work that way; it may for more experienced bakers but not so much me. Perhaps when I gain more confidence in my skills I will jump on the see-saw but for now I am a baking geek. I research, compare, study and prep before marching determinedly in to the kitchen, rolling pin in hand. Sometimes I flop like my cakes and sometimes things just work out.

These Oatmeal Date and Pecan Cookies worked out. And then some.

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